Support for Roma women and girls on combating gender-based violence

The overall objective of the project is “Contribution to decreasing of gender-based violence among young girls and women from Roma community, and other marginalized groups, and improve their access to services and protection mechanisms in North Macedonia”.

Expected outputs that will contribute to the goal are: 

(1) Improved capacities for provision of support and services to improve the lives of RWG victims or/and at-risk of gender-based violence in North Macedonia; 

(2)Improved advocacy efforts for ending VARWG victims or/and potential victims/ women and girls more at risk from of gender-based violence through joint efforts of Local CSOs in North Macedonia.

The improved advocacy efforts will be realized by initiating advocacy initiatives for improvement of the legal framework  on a local and national level, developing policy papers, capacity development of activists and members of CSOs for advocacy and lobbying, and monitoring process, by inclusion and collaboration with the Roma Women’s Rights Network. Throughout the project various types of services shall be provided to around 240 Roma women and girls: legal support, psychological support, and services for addressing the needs in the community (health, education, employment, housing, etc.).

Implementation period: 01.08.2022 – 31.07.2025

Target group: The identified primary beneficiaries are 240 Roma women and girls living in 8 local municipalities in North Macedonia (Skopje, Suto Orizari, Bitola, Prilep, Stip, Gostivar, Berovo, and Sveti Nikole/Kumanovo), women and girls at risk of violence, victims of various GBV, including physical, psychological violence, domestic violence, early marriages, sexual violence. And around 50 women human rights defenders/ gender advocates/ activists/ Roma and pro- Roma women CSOs.

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