Through gender lenses: Appraising budgets and policies, watchdogging local action plans for gender equality implementation

Encouraging the proactivity of civil society by strengthening networking, using GRB methods for cooperation with local self-government and forming local policies and budgets to address the different needs of women and men, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in 17 target municipalities (Delcevo, Macedonian Kamenica, Kavadarci, Negotino, Radovish, Gevgelija, Struga, Vevcani, Krushevo, Krivogashtani, Chair, Shuto Orizari, Ilinden, Staro Nagoricane, Lipkovo, Brvenica and Tearce). The project is synchronized and will further strengthen the capacities of the existing informal Gender Responsive Budgeting Network (GRB) by expanding membership with civil society organizations (CSOs) from the target municipalities while representing the interests of rural women and men, poor women and men, women and men with disabilities, marginalized women and men (of ethnic, religious or sexual nature) and women and men from vulnerable age groups (young and senior citizens).

Main activities:

  • Mobilization of citizens
  • Building the capacities of CSOs
  • Promoting the Gender Responsive Budgeting Network as a partner

of the municipalities

General objectives: Through structural networking and cooperation with the local government, to the creation of policies and budgets that will respond to the needs of women and men, especially in times of crisis.

Specific objectives:

– Mobilization of citizens in participatory processes and contribution to decision-making at the local level through assessment of the gender budget and policy initiatives aimed at social inclusion and strengthening of gender equality;

– Building capacities of CSOs to use ROB tools for assessing the compliance between policies and budgets and the needs of men and women;

– Advancement of MROB in monitoring the spending of public finances at the local level, advocacy for gender-responsive budget policies / programs.

Target groups: CSOs representing women and men from marginalized groups (rural, victims of violence, Roma and extremely poor), from 17 municipalities at the level of Macedonia.

Partners: CRPM (as project leader), RWYA “Luludi”, EHO Shtip, Rural Coalition and Journalists for Human Rights (as project partners).

Implementation period: January 2021. – April 2024

Total Budget: €445,357.00

The project is financially supported by the European Union.

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