Analysis of the situation of Roma women in Macedonia and the Labour Market

Roma Women and Youth Association LULUDI conducted the project “Analysis of the situation of Roma Women in Macedonia. and the Labor Market “, in the period from 03/01/2017 to 03/05/2017, in partnership with the Institute for Policy Research and Analysis – ROMALITIKO (as consultant).

The main goal of the proposal is to generate new ideas for improving the competitiveness and mobility of the unemployed Romani women in the Republic of Macedonia.

The specific goal of the proposal is through research to evaluate the current status of Romani women in the cities of Tetovo, Kumanovo, Shtip and Prilep, in terms of unemployment, inclusion on the labor market and the use of active employment measures by the Government of RM.

The main target group is unemployed Romani women from 18 to 55 years of age from Tetovo, Kumanovo, Shtip and Prilep – populated places where there is a higher percentage of Roma population and places geographically dispersed in different parts of Macedonia. Women covered by these populated places are a national specimen for presenting the situation.

Activities that are covered:

  • Creating a team and reinforcing the team
  • Preparation of a research hen (survey questionnaire for Roma women and for institutions)
  • Contacting local Roma organizations, local agencies, municipalities,etc.
  • Training for an established group of 4 interviewers
  • Organizing research between the main group and institutions
  • Evaluation of surveys, analysis and promotion of research.
  • Evaluation of surveys and writing to the report
  • Publishing and promotion of research

Achieved results:

  • The conducted effective survey includes 140 unemployed Romani women for the needs and limitations of the labor market
  • The survey conducted among 12 local institutions in the covered regions
  • Obtained and received data from 140 dustworks filled with unemployed Romani women, and 12 local institutions
  • Collected 10 key proposals from the main groups for the overcoming of social exclusion on the labor market of Roma women
  • One prepared and published report with recommendations for new ideas for improving the competitiveness and mobility of the unemployed Roma women, creating future plans, policies and measures
  • 100 distributed reports to persons, institutions, media, co-workers, national and international networks

Funded within the project “Out of the circle – Invisible in society”. The project is funded by the EU.

The research is supported by Roma CSO Network – Roma Community’s Response, through IPA / 2015/371474, component: Support to non-governmental organizations and media freedoms, activity 2014, European Union. Donors of the grant are the Roma Rights Association Stip in partnership with INSOK Skopje and Mesečina Gostivar, which implement the project “Network of Roma Civil Organizations – Response to the Roma Community”.

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