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The Roma Women and Youth Association “LULUDI” is a national non-profit and nonpartisan organisation based in Skopje. It seeks to achieve gender equality and protection of women’s rights – the right of the Roma women.

Improving the status of Roma women both, in the society and in the family, as well as increasing the level of education of the Roma youth by working together with other NGOs and institutions in the country.
Roma women as educated, healthy, economically independent and equal member of the society. A representative of the real value of our culture and tradition.
Address current issues of women and youth in the areas of socio-economic and political life, elimination of all forms of violence against women, respect for basic human rights and values, creating conditions for greater engagement in the economy and other areas. Furthermore, it works toward improvement of social protection of the family, health and welfare of the women, with an emphasis on its role in biological reproduction and the right to family planning.


Social inclusion – economic empowerment of women

- Gender Equality trainings
- Inclusion of Roma women in public life and in decision-making process at national and local level
- Strengthening girls’ and young women’s skills for better inclusion in the labor market
- Encouraging/Promotion of self-employment.

Human rights – right to elect

- Human Rights Education
- Promotion and realization of the right
- Monitoring of elections and electoral process at local level
- Greater involvement of Roma youth in decision-making at the local level

Domestic violence

- Education on human / women’s rights
- Providing legal aid and support to victims of domestic violence
- Research and establishment of statistical data on the number of Roma women victims of domestic violence
- Participation in international and national campaigns against domestic violence

Health care

-Monitoring the procedure for obtaining health care insurance
- Raising awareness among Roma for the health care insurance
- Advocating the right to health care before relevant institutions in the country
- Providing legal aid in securing health care insurance.

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Awareness Raising Campaigns on the occasion of 16 Days of Activism
against Gender-Based Violence Against Women and Girls

Roma Women's Rights Network


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We seek to drive change on large scale
of the known cancer fighting plants exist only in the rainforest

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