Our Training Center, which has been opened as part of the project “Equal Opportunities for Roma Women to Participate in the Labor Market”, can gladly inform you about its successful working in the past period.

The Training Center is open from December 2016, in the settlement Topansko Pole, in Skopje, in order unemployed Roma women from Skopje to visit several types of trainings for development of personal and professional skills and gain qualifications, which will help them and ease their way to employment and successful inclusion in the labor market, as well as to be more competitive.

In the period from December 2016 to April 2017, the Training Center conducted training for professional qualification, such as: Training for nail technician, Training for sewing and tailoring, Hairdressing training and Computer skills Training.

Each of the trainings had its own appropriate corner-room, equipment and materials, and the trainings were led by professional professors who developed a curriculum suitable for each training, followed by a theoretical and practical part (exercises, presentations, manuals, etc.)

Upon completing the training each participant took a final exam, prepared by the trainers, composed of theoretical and practical part, in order to obtain a certificate for the acquired qualification.

About 30 Roma women from different parts of Skopje attended the trainings, from which:

  • 9 successfully completed Training for Nail Technician
  • 7 successfully completed Hairdressing Training
  • 3 successfully completed Sewing Training
  • 4 successfully completed Computer Skills Training

Also, the Training Center also has a Children’s Day Care Center intended for the children of the participants from the trainings. Throughout the duration of the trainings, while the participants had classes from the trainings, their children were taken care of by carers in the Children’s Day Center, so that the participants could fully participate in the trainings. The Children’s Day Center is equipped according to the needs of the children and is within the Training Center so that the participants-mothers are close to their children.

The Training Center is located in the settlement Topansko Pole, Skopje, on ul. Blagoja Parovic No.76 / 23.

The Training Center is intended for the project “Equal Opportunities for Roma Women to Participate in the Labor Market”, funded by the European Union. Implementation by RAZM Luludi and ORT.

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