Successfully implemented project “Roma Women Power in Democracy”


In the period from April 2016 to April 2017, the Roma Association of Women and Youth “Luludi” has implemented the project “Roma Women Power in Democracy”, funded by the US Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia.

Main goal of the project:

Roma women are active participants in public life at all stages of the decision-making process and policies, at national and local level.


Roma women are aware of gender inequality in the Macedonian society, Roma women together with other women from Skopje have increased capacities for participation in activities of political parties and lists of candidates, Roma women in political parties in the Skopje area achieved sufficient participation and influence in advocating gender issues.

Most of the activities were implemented in Skopje, i.e., the communities where there is greater representation of the Roma population, such as: Suto Orizari, Cair (Topaana), Gjorce Petrov and Madzari.

Implemented activities:

  • Info campaign

The info campaign included meetings with:

  • Representatives from political parties and institutions
  • Recruits of political parties
  • Meetings with representatives from the non-governmental sector
  • Info meetings with citizens
  • “Women Coffee” Meetings with young Roma women


  • Training: “Political strengthening of the Roma woman”

The training was conducted in two parts, with participation of young Roma from several cities in Macedonia.

The aim of the training was to raise awareness among Roma women about gender inequality in the Macedonian society, to increase their capacities and to actively engage in the activities of political parties. Education for politics, political parties and Roma women politicians. .

Trainers: Songjul Shaban, Elvis Memeti and Zuria Sait.


You can see the photos of the training on the following link:


  • Short workshops for conducting research and survey

After the trainings, the young Romani women have participated to a a workshops for conducting research and surveys, which included: reviewing the programs of the political parties, doing a desktop research in order to understand the women’s involvement in the parliamentary elections in 2016, reviewing the lists of candidates with aim to see how much women are involved, and preparing a short survey on the political inactivity of the Roma women in Macedonia.

This project is partly supported by the US Embassy. Opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations set out here are to the implementer (s) / author (s) and do not reflect those of the US government.

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