Equal Opportunities of the Roma Women to Participate in the Labour Market

Main Objective of the project :

Strengthening the capacities of the Roma women towards gender equality and breaking the stereotypes at the labour market, and thorugh informative and professional trainings and workshops women shall increase their inclusion in the labour market.

Project Objectives:

Giving service to promote coherent pathway towards employment to help Roma women to enter the labour market with acquired advanced knowledge, professional qualification and labour search skill, acquired during informative campaign, workshops and trainings. Giving support to ideas for self-employment to Roma women, by participation into business plan training, development of business idea and employment through own business. As well, support through other instruments and programs, aiming to bring Roma women closer to the path of employment.

Our target group:

  • 100 unemployed, work-capable Roma women from Skopje, at the age from 20-55 years.
  • 45 women direct participants in higher professional trainings.
  • 20 unemployed men (husbands) enabled to use knowledge from informative sessions, to decrease stereotype towards women and give support.

Summarised results are the following:       

  • 4 months of informative campaign
  • 6 moths of training period
  • 20 unemployed Roma Women with personal skill improved able to search job
  • 10 unemployed Roma women gain knowledge about business plan and at least one business plan developed.
  • 10 unemployed Roma women acquire new professional knowledge (in sewing, hair styling, nail styling, crafting and IT.)
  • 5 unemployed women have artisan jobready for employment offers
  • 5 business ideas awarded with equipment for start-up own business in Project Training Centre.
  • 6 months of daily child care centre for the children of the participants
  • 5 students in pedagogy/social issues acquire volunteering practice in running daily child centre
  • 10 volunteers help project management
  • 1 Mini Fair organized for promotion of developed businesses and artisian skills…

Period of implementation: December 2015 – June 2017

Target communities: Shuto Orizari, Topansko Pole, Chair, Madjari, Gjorce Petrov

The project “Equal Opportunities of Roma Women to Participate in Labour Market” is implemented by the organization ORT and the Roma Women and Youth Association LULUDI.

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