Welcome to Roma Women and Youth Association “LULUDI”

Roma Women and Youth Association “LULUDI” is a national non-profit and nonpartisan organization based in Skopje. It seeks to achieve gender equality and protection of women’s rights – the rights of Roma women.

It aims at:

  • achieving economic, social, cultural, civil rights of Roma women established by the Constitution of RM
  • equitable representation in all spheres of social and political action and decision-making
  • promotes respect of women personality and integrity
  • achieving greater gender equality, and
  • right to elect and be elected, including the young Roma.

The Roma Women and Youth Association “LULUDI” was founded on 15.06.2001, as a need for change and as a support for challenges faced by Romani women in Macedonia, including young Roma. RWYA “LULUDI” provides assistance to the local community on issues related to women’s rights and improving the living conditions and supporting the education of youth. RWYA “LULUDI” stands for peace, nonviolence, diversity and peacefulness Its work is based on research and assessment of the needs of the community members, design activities that are accessible to the local community and are aimed at a specific target group with a clear and concise purpose.


Roma women as educated, healthy, economically independent and equal members of the society. A representative of the real value of our culture and tradition.


Address current issues of women and youth in the areas of socio-economic and political life, elimination of all forms of violence against women, respect for basic human rights and values, creating conditions for greater engagement in the economy and other areas. Furthermore, it works toward improvement of social protection of the family, health and welfare of the women, with an emphasis on its role in biological reproduction and the right to family planning.


Improving the status of Roma women both, in the society and in the family, as well as increasing the level of education of the Roma youth by working together with other NGOs and institutions in the country.

0 %
Female respondents consider that Roma women are not sufficiently represented. As one of the reasons mentioned are education, discrimination, tradition and misbehavior from the parties.
A total of 0
Candidates for councilors have run, of which 42% or 72 women are on the candidate lists for councilors in the municipality of Shuto Orizari (Local Elections in R.North Macedonia, 2021)
0 %
Of female respondents believe that Roma women are not sufficiently represented in politics and should be more represented.
0 %
Of respondents think that women from all communities are not proportionally represented



Executive coordinator

President of the Assembly

Program coordinator

Administrative coordinator

Supervisory Board


After 15 years of existence, “LULUDI” is a well-recognised NGO in its community, nationally and internationally. The recognition is due to the implementation of 25 projects in various areas such as: elections, voting rights, domestic violence, human rights in the area of health care, promoting youth participation at local level, women’s rights and promotion of equality. For the purposes of the projects the organization has established successful cooperation with public and state institutions such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry for Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. “LULUDI” has also been a project partner in more than 20 projects with other national and international organizations. It has also participated in a number of events, conferences and study visits.


COLLABORATORSCrisis Center “Nadez”    NGO
 Dendo VasNGO
 Initiative of women from Suto OrizariNGO
 “Young Roma” Crna GoraNGO
 Roma Women’s Center “Bibija“NGO
 Otaharin BiHNGO
 Organization of women from municipality Sveti NikoleNGO
 Journalists for Human RightsNGO
 Association for democratic development SONCENGO
 “Terno Vas”  BerovoNGO
 “Klea” BitolaNGO
 Association of multiethnic society for human rights StipNGO
 Association for the rights of Roma StipNGO
 Step by StepNGO
 ORT SkopjeNGO
 MIR – SkopjeNGO
 Songjul SabanExpert/trainer
 Alma MustafovaExpert/ trainer
 Elvis MemetiExpert/trainer
 Zurija SaitExpert for gender issues
 Redjep Ali CupiExpert/ trainer
  Ramco KundevskiExpert/trainer
 Roma association for culture “Rusid Sakir” – Kumanovo 
 The Cabinet of the Minister without Portfolio responsible for the implementation of the National Strategy for improvement of the situation of Roma, Muzafer Bajram 
 Municipality Cair 
 Municipality Suto Orizari 
 Municipality Gjorce Petrov 
 Office for Management of Births, Marriages and Deaths by the Ministry of Justice 
 The Cabinet of the Minister without Portfolio responsible for the implementation of the National Strategy for improvement of the situation of Roma, Aksel Ahmedovski 



non-formal national Network for Monitoring and Reporting on the implementation of the CEDAW and Istanbul Convention

Established by the RWYA “Luludi”

Members: the Organization of women from municipality Sveti Nikole – own svn, Crisis Center “Nadez”, Imitative of women from Suto Orizari, Journalists for Human Rights, Terno Vas Berovo, Klea Bitola, Gordana Nestorovska, Daniela Antonovska, Anita Ilievska.

 Balkan Roma Women NetworkEstablished by the CARE International
 Network against discrimination 
 Macedonian Women’s Lobby 
 Network for advocacy Roma rightsSONCE

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st. Lazar Trpovski no.1/2-7,Skopje 

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Roma Women and Youth Association "Luludi" - РАЖМ „Лулуди“
Roma Women and Youth Association "Luludi" - РАЖМ „Лулуди“
👉Одржана средба со претставници на Агенција за вработување на РСМ / Agjencia për punsim e RMV (АВРСМ) 👥
👉На средбата разговаравме за тековниот Оперативен план и активните програми и мерки за вработување и можности кои се нудат. Дискусијата беше во насока на можностите и мерките кои жените Ромки и младите Роми може да ги користат, за начините и условите за аплицирање, воедно и за наша понатамошна соработка се со цел поблиско доближување на можностите до жените и млади Ромки/и, економско зајакнување и поголемо учество на пазарот на трудот.
👉Средбата е спроведена во рамки на Инфо центар РАЖМ Лулуди . На страницата на Инфо центарот на РАЖМ Лулуди, редовно се споделуваат информации за постојните можностите за вработување, отворени огласи за активни мерки, тековни огласи за работа и можности за образование/стекнување работни компетенции.
🔗 https://av.gov.mk/content/pdf/FINALEN%20OP%202022.pdf

**Годишниот план за работа на РАЖМ „Лулуди“ е поддржан од Civica Mobilitas **
#можностизавработување #активнаеднаквапартиципација #пазарнатруд #жениРомки #младиРоми #RomaWomen #participationinlabormarket

👉Meeting with representatives of the Employment Agency of RNM was held today👥
At the meeting, we discussed the current Operational Plan and the active programs and measures for employment and opportunities. The discussion was focused on the opportunities and active measures that Roma women and young can use, about the ways and criterias for application, as well as on our further cooperation in order to bring the opportunities closer to Roman women and youth, economic empowerment and greater participation in the labor market.
👉The meeting was conducted within the program of the Info Center of RWYA LULUDI (Инфо центар РАЖМ Лулуди). On the Info Center's fb page, information is regularly shared about the existing employment opportunities, open advertisements for active measures, current job advertisements and opportunities for education/acquisition of job competencies.

*The annual work plan of RWYA "Luludi" is supported by the Civica Mobilitas.
Roma Women and Youth Association "Luludi" - РАЖМ „Лулуди“
Roma Women and Youth Association "Luludi" - РАЖМ „Лулуди“
"Maybe we are a key contributor to preserve democracy. And with all the painful history and survivals that we had in the past, now we are still here, and we are courageous and brave to take action!" - Selvije Mustafi.

🙋‍♀️Congratulations Selva X Mustafi for your presentation at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2022👏👏👏 .. brave, clever, skillful and inspiring. To all the world, the Roma and non-Roma community has shown that Roma women and girls can, they know how, and have more than the necessary capacities. We are proud of you and thank you! 👏🙌
✊ It is a great pleasure to see the successful results and stories of young girls like Selva, who were part of the first set of RWYA"LULUDI"s Political Skills Training for Romani women and girls back in 2016, supported by the U.S. Embassy North Macedonia, through the project "Roma Women Power in Democracy", along with the trainers: Songjul Bertan Ahmed, Elvis Memeti and Zurija Memedova ( https://bit.ly/3twcpQI)

👇 Below is the link where you can watch the panel session (from 50:00)
- - - - - - -
„Можеби ние сме клучен елемент кој ќе придонесе за зачувување на демократијата. И покрај болната историја и преживувања што ги имавме во минатото, сè уште сме тука, и сме храбри и бестрашни да преземеме акција!“ - Селвије Мустафи.
🙋‍♀️ Честитки Селва за твоето излагање! ... храбро, умно, умешно и инспиративно. На целиот свет, на ромската и не-ромската заедница покажа дека жените и девојки Ромки можат, умеат, ги имаат повеќе од потребните капацитети. Се гордееме со тебе и ти благодариме! 👏🙌

✊Огромно задоволство ни претставува кога гледаме успешни резултати и приказни од страна на младите девојки, како Селва, кои беа дел од првиот сет на РАЖМ „ЛУЛУДИ“ Обука за политички вештини за жени и девојки Ромки во 2016 година, поддржано од страна на Амбасадата на САД, преку проектот „Моќта на жените Ромки во демократијата“, заедно со обучувачите: Сонѓул Ахмед, Елвис Мемети и Зурија Мемедова ( https://bit.ly/3twcpQI )

👇 Подолу на линкот можете да ја гледате панел сесијата (од 50-та минута)

#Romawomen #RomaWomenCan #RomaWomenPower #ProudRoma #womenpower #womeninpubliclife #empoweringwoman #Obama
Roma Women and Youth Association "Luludi" - РАЖМ „Лулуди“
Roma Women and Youth Association "Luludi" - РАЖМ „Лулуди“
Roma Women and Youth Association "Luludi" - РАЖМ „Лулуди“
📢 Elektronsko prijavibe ko maškarutne sikljovlina!
Taro avdive dži ko 15.06.2022 o učenikija ka šaj te prijavinenpe/ te aplicirinen an o puterdo Konkursi bašo upis ki maškarutni sikljovlin (ja sredno škola)
Pobuter informacie ➡️ https://bit.ly/3H8m6L3
📥 Te valani tumenge informacie thaj pomoš apliciribaske šaj te roden amende ko Info centro e RADŽT Luludi
- - - -
Започна пријавувањето на ученици во средните училишта!
Креирајте профил на платформата ➡️ https://e-uslugi.mon.gov.mk со вашиот е-маил од www.schools.mk и започнете со пополнување на апликацијата.
👉 Повеќе информации на
📢 За првото пријавување на учениците во конкурсниот рок, Порталот ќе биде отворен од 10.06.2022 (10.00 часот). Учениците ќе може да ги пополнуваат своите пријави (апликации) заклучно со 15.06.2022 (најдоцна до 15.00 часот), после што системот ќе биде затворен за аплицирање.
Roma Women and Youth Association "Luludi" - РАЖМ „Лулуди“
Roma Women and Youth Association "Luludi" - РАЖМ „Лулуди“
🔴Менструалната хигиена не е привилегија!
📢РАЖМ „ЛУЛУДИ“ денес се приклучи и ја поддржа иницијативата за намалување на менструалната сиромаштија.

🎯Пред Министерство за Финансии е побарано:
👉Намалување на ДДВ од 18% на 5% за менструални производи.
👉Бесплатни и достапни прозводи за менструација во основните и средните училишта и во јавните тоалети.
👉Одвојување средства од буџетот за создавање на соодветни услови за одржување менструална хигиена во тоалетите на училиштата и јавните тоалети.

Повеќе детали: https://www.radiomof.mk/galerija-kraj-na-menstrualnata-i-zhenskata-siromashtija-protesten-sobir-pred-ministerstvoto-za-finansii/?fbclid=IwAR0raMpmWOVcyvD-BiavWptlyiQJC_8lPDl95mdhlrHoLRrVEIWFa9C4kEA
фото: Радио МОФ

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