Who Are We


The Roma Women and Youth Association “LULUDI” is a national non-profit and nonpartisan organisation based in Skopje. It seeks to achieve gender equality and protection of women’s rights – the right of the Roma women.


It aims at:

  • achieving economic, social, cultural, civil rights of Roma women established by the Constitution of RM
  • equitable representation in all spheres of social and political action and decision-making
  • promotes respect of women personality and integrity
  • achieving greater gender equality, and
  • right to elect and be elected, including the young Roma.

“LULUDI” stands for peace, nonviolence, diversity and peacefulness.The Roma Women and Youth Association “LULUDI” was founded on 15.06.2001, as a need for change and as a support for challenges faced by Romani women in Macedonia, including young Roma. “LULUDI” provides assistance to the local community on issues related to women’s rights and improving the living conditions and supporting the education of youth. Its work is based on research and assessment of the needs of the community members, design activities that are accessible to the local community and are aimed at a specific target group with a clear and concise purpose.



Roma women as educated, healthy, economically independent and equal member of the society. A representative of the real value of our culture and tradition.



Improving the status of Roma women both, in the society and in the family, as well as increasing the level of education of the Roma youth by working together with other NGOs and institutions in the country.



Address current issues of women and youth in the areas of socio-economic and political life, elimination of all forms of violence against women, respect for basic human rights and values, creating conditions for greater engagement in the economy and other areas. Furthermore, it works toward improvement of social protection of the family, health and welfare of the women, with an emphasis on its role in biological reproduction and the right to family planning.



  • Assembly
  • Executive coordinator
  • President of the Assembly
  • Program coordinator
  • Administrative coordinator
  • Supervisory Board



After 15 years of existence, “LULUDI” is a well-recognised NGO in its community, nationally and internationally. The recognition is due to the implementation of 25 projects various areas such as: elections, voting rights, domestic violence, human rights in the area of health care, promoting youth participation at local level, women’s rights and promotion of equality. For the purposes of the projects the organization has established successful cooperation with public and state institutions such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry for Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. “LULUDI” has also been a project partner in more than 20 projects with other national and international organizations. It has also participated in number of events, conferences and study visits.